Saturday, May 20th, 2017 - 8:30am-1:00pm
Bayard Rustin Educational Complex - 
351 W 18th St; New York, New York 10011

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what's edcamp?

edcamps are organic, participant-driven professional learning experiences for educators across the country and worldwide! 

Each edcamp is independently organized and hosted, is free to participants, bringing together passionate educators for a day of learning and growth. The conferences are participant-driven with the sessions developed and facilitated by the people who are attending and leverage social media to involve remote attendees.

what's progressive education NY?

From issues ranging from an increased insecurity for immigrant families, to widespread Islamophobia, to attacks on democratic reliance on our free press, public education, truth, civility, women, and LGBT communities, the question becomes "How are progressive educators going to imagine and energize the role of schooling towards the vital creation of democratic understandings, institutions and citizenry?

The democratic principles of progressive education have never felt more important and critical to families and students today. Community, voice, play, choice, observation, learning by doing – these beliefs within the context of our world and society are some of the principles the original progressive thinkers espoused. 

progressive education NY is a day of collaboration and learning that seeks to build a shared understanding of these principles and what they look like in practice in our classrooms and schools today. It is a day grounded in progressive pedagogy and practice with a critical lens focused on access, equity and activism.


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The Progressive Education Network of New York (PENNY) connects public, independent, charter, and teacher education schools and individuals of the greater metropolitan area to advance progressive pedagogy and promote equity, access, and social justice.

Through collaboration, advocacy and action, our driving purpose is to strengthen and broaden the impact of progressive education in the face of increasing challenges to full access to quality inclusive schooling.

In October 2015, the Progressive Education Network (PEN) hosted a conference on “Access, Equity, and Activism: Teaching the Possible.”  Spurred by this conference, Manhattan Country School, Castle Bridge School, and Bank Street College began a partnership to create a progressive education collaborative, named PENNY, consisting of public, charter and independent progressive schools and teacher education programs in and around New York City.  

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