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SCHOOL DESCRIPTION:The Neighborhood School was founded in September 1991, designed to meet an expressed need for a progressive approach to educating the children of our community. Our school has 13 classes spanning pre-kindergarten to 5th grade. Our classes are grouped in multi-age configurations to allow each child to develop both academic and leadership skills.  This also allows the children and teachers to know each other and work together over a longer period of time.  Over half of our classrooms are Integrated Co-teaching classes (ICT); students with disabilities learn alongside general education students who don’t have learning disabilities or special needs. We believe that children learn best through first-hand experiences with people, materials and places. Trips are an important part of the curriculum, along with the use of concrete materials, dramatizations and simulations as ways for children to recreate the themes and concepts they are studying.  Children explore and make hypotheses and discoveries of their own. Teachers provide a program rich in relevant, meaningful and functional experiences. In-depth studies of themes integrate language arts, thinking, science, social studies, mathematics, physical education, and the arts. Classroom work is conducted collaboratively so that children learn to work with others cooperatively in social groupings.  We help children to develop good habits of mind, to think creatively and analytically. We want our students to develop fully as individuals, and also as cooperative, responsible members of a group. School wide policies and practices are formed collaboratively and dynamically to provide a cohesive, unified, thoughtful environment for children. We are self-reflective and reevaluate our policies periodically in an effort to meet the needs of our children and ever evolving community.

SCHOOL ADDRESS:The Neighborhood School is located in the Lower East Side at 121 East 3rd Street, between Avenue A and 1st Avenue.  We are a short walk from the F train’s 2nd Avenue stop. The school’s office is on the third floor.

SCHOOL CONTACT: Principal Dyanthe Spielberg



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