SCHOOL DESCRIPTION: Reflecting the vision of the Civil Rights Movement, Manhattan Country School teaches students in a community with no racial majority and broad economic diversity. Our goals for students are academic excellence, intellectual freedom, social awareness, self-confidence and first-hand knowledge of the natural world. MCS is unique among New York City independent schools in having a 180-acre working farm integral to the curriculum and a sliding scale for tuition. Manhattan Country School envisions its students as future leaders whose shared experiences in learning and activism inspire them to champion excellence and justice, compassion and peace, and the rights of all people to racial, economic, environmental and educational equity. At Manhattan Country School, students in pre-K through eighth grade are members of a collaborative learning community that has been a model for both progressive education and socioeconomic, racial and ethnic diversity since our founding in 1966. Whether in our New York City classrooms or at our farm in the Catskill Mountains, students participate in a robust program that fosters critical thinking, curiosity, individuality and a sense of purpose; provides a deep understanding of our multicultural world; and instills a life-long love of learning.

SCHOOL ADDRESS: 150 W 85th St, New York, NY 10024

SCHOOL CONTACT: Assistant to the Lower School Director Tiffany Tsung

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