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SCHOOL DESCRIPTION:Greene Hill School (GHS) is a progressive independent school for children ages four to fourteen. GHS was founded by parents and educators who envisioned an engaged and socially responsible community of active learners. Greene Hill School has small class sizes and staff dedicated to supporting children as they become confident in their abilities to explore, learn, demonstrate compassion, and be inspired. Our students are directly engaged with the world, from growing plants in their community garden to connecting with people who work and live in Brooklyn. We provide open-ended materials and experiences and emphasize inquiry in the classroom. Constructivism is at the heart of Greene Hill School’s approach to teaching. It is the theory that all people construct their own knowledge, developing meaning and understanding through experience and reflection. At Greene Hill School children consider themselves as part of a larger community, whether it is their classroom, neighborhood or the wider world. They are attuned to how their actions impact themselves and others and use this lens as they investigate historical movements and relate them to contemporary times. Starting with a framework that examines social justice and is embedded in daily classroom life young children are encouraged to love and know themselves while practicing respect for others. They begin to tackle issues of social justice, ones that relate directly to their own lives and in developmentally aligned ways explore concepts like power, discrimination and social change. Part of this work is exploring historical and contemporary movements for social change and participating in awareness raising and social action in the school and wider community. We at Greene Hill understand that realistically it is a challenge to operate an independent school with low tuition rates, but are committed to a sliding-scale tuition so that Greene Hill School can be a viable option for members of our community without tuition being a barrier.

SCHOOL ADDRESS: 39 Adelphi St, Brooklyn, NY 11205

SCHOOL CONTACT: Head of School Diana Schlesinger



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