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AVAILABLE VISIT DATES: 11/4, 11/5 and 11/6

SCHOOL DESCRIPTION: Corlears School is a small private, progressive school in Chelsea, NY, serving students 2-10. Our focus is on educating the whole child and emphasizing the social emotional growth of children along with their cognitive growth. We utilize a play and project-based approach, within a developmental framework. Our school is deliberately focused on young children, as a way to preserve and maximize the early childhood experience. The classrooms are referred to by ages and are dual age groups at developmentally strategic points: 2s are a single year program; 3/4s are a dual age two year program; Kindergarten is a single year program; 6/7s are a dual age two year program; 8/9s are a dual age two year program; 10s are a single year graduating class. We utilize small group and differentiated instruction along with an integrated curriculum model. The community of educators and families at Corlears is uniquely warm and close-knit. We love visitors and welcome the opportunity to share and learn from others.

SCHOOL ADDRESS: 324 West 15th Street

SCHOOL CONTACT: Assistant Head of School Amy-Marie Rivera


SCHOOL CONTACT PHONE: 212-741-2800 ext 249

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