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AVAILABLE VISIT DATES: Not participating this cycle. Interested educators may reach out to us for individual or school visits at a later scheduled date.  They can send their request to

SCHOOL DESCRIPTION: City and Country School, for children ages 2-13, was founded in 1914 by the pioneering educator, Caroline Pratt, during the dynamic period of Progressive Education. Believing that education is fundamentally a social process, we strive to create a vital school community that supports each child’s innate passion for learning while also expanding their understanding of communities and cultures that exist beyond school and home. The teacher’s place is alongside the child, posing questions that elicit imaginative thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making in pursuit of a deeper perspective. In the partnership of learning among children and teachers, community is lived through purposeful experiences that foster responsibility, cooperation, active participation, care, and respect—qualities necessary to the life of a democratic society. With social studies as the core of the curriculum, enriched through science, mathematics, literature, and the arts, students are offered varied opportunities to explore and question the human story, both past and present. Academic and practical skills are embedded in contexts meaningful to children, within larger, in-depth investigations.

SCHOOL ADDRESS:146 West 13th Street New York, NY 10011

SCHOOL CONTACT: Lower School and Community Life Administrative Associate Nweni Loo


SCHOOL CONTACT PHONE: 212.506.5957 x266