AVAILABLE VISIT DATES: 11/2(Fri), 11/5(Mon), 11/9(Fri), 11/16(Fri), 11/19(Mon), 11/26(Mon), 11/30(Fri)

SCHOOL DESCRIPTION:Castle Bridge is a progressive, dual language, inclusive and integrated school in Washington Heights. We opened five years ago as a District choice school. We now have our full complement of classes, pre-K through fifth grade. Except for the pre-K class, all of the classes are mixed age: K/1, 2/3,4/5. All children have one period a day of self- initiated work that we call project time. At this point we have 225 children and a staff of 45. Each class has two teachers and one paraprofessional, we are also grateful that we have a highly involved team of related service providers who help us meet the needs of this very diverse community.

SCHOOL ADDRESS: 560 West 169th Street NY, NY (Take the A/C or #1 train to 168th) Enter the building on 169th between Broadway and Audubon go to the set of doors that is down the flight of steps. Come up to room 301

SCHOOL CONTACT: Principal Julie Zuckerman

To set up your visit, email or call the school contact person and indicate your date of choice.



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