PENNY Partner Events

Wednesday, February 6th: 

Black Lives Matter at School Week
Symposium 2019

Join Bank Street College
for an in-depth dialogue on supporting equity and
the early education of Black children

A Two-Part Panel Discussion
From Theory to Practice in Early Education:
Black Children Learning and Thriving

Wednesday, February 6, 2019
4:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Bank Street College
610 West 112th Street
New York City

Register below or access the event via livestream at


Please be sure to arrive early to secure a seat in the auditorium. Once full, overflow seating and viewing will be available in the lobby and CDR.  


Friday, February 8th-15th:


Friday, February 15th:

Fellowship Opportunity for Educators
University of Vermont Libraries
Center for Digital Initiatives
Practitioner Fellowship Program

The Practitioner Fellowship Program taps the riches of the Prospect Archives by engaging fellowship recipients in a week-long program of study of the Archives using Prospect’s Descriptive Processes as the method of inquiry. The broad purpose of a fellowship is to introduce the Prospect Archives, to make them accessible to a wide audience, and to demonstrate the value of the Prospect Archives for educators and the community. A further aim of the Practitioner Fellowship program is to support the establishment of leadership for communities of inquiry within recipients’ own settings by showing how the Descriptive Processes developed at Prospect help people to think more deeply about their practice and current issues in education.

Recipients of the Practitioner Fellowship spend five and a half days of study at the Silver Special Collections Library with a mentor appointed by Special Collections. The 2019 Fellowship will take place from July 15-20. July 20 is a Saturday and is planned as a half-day.

Approximately three fellowships are awarded each year to school- or college-based practitioners such as classroom teachers, counselors, principals and other administrators, school board members, parents active in school affairs, and teacher educators. The fellowship will be an award of $2,000. Application deadline is Feb. 15, 2019.

For more information and application:


Sunday and Monday, March 17th and 18th: 

The Innovative Schools Cooperative is a national network of innovative independent schools.  Our schools are driven by progressive educators who believe deeply in student-centered, hands-on learning.  Our curriculum and projects are open-source, and we are partnered with The Earl Center at Boston University to research the impact of innovation in education.

We wonder: what would school look like if it didn’t look like school?

This Spring (Sunday and Monday, March 17th and 18th in New York City), we are hosting our inaugural Founders Conference at Teachers College, Columbia University.  We have limited space for interested and innovative educators looking to found a new school.  We will also host a Fall conference for educators interested in learning more about how to integrate our immersive, hands-on project work into thoughtful curriculum.


Friday and Saturday, April 5th and 6th:

Teaching Kindergarten Conference:

Where did the Garden Go?: Inspiring Curiosity, Imagination and Resilience

April 5, 4:00 – 8:30 pm
April 6, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Join other kindergarten teachers, school leaders, and policy makers as we revisit and celebrate the unique and vital role of Kindergarten in the life of the child. Through insightful presentations by keynote speakers and hands-on workshops, participants will leave the conference reinvigorated and inspired to strive for what is right for all Kindergarten children.

$225 Early Bird Fee (expires 2/15/17)
Learn More or Register Now

* Earn 10 CTLE hours or 1 CEU. 1 graduate credit option available for additional fee.

Keynote Speakers:
Dr. Ron Taffel
Dr. Lydia Soifer
Kevin Hylton and Jaquetta Busion
Choose from 23 workshops

Join the conference online, if you can’t attend in person. Pre-conference session at the Bank Street School for Children or Castle Bridge Public School


For questions or for further information, please email


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