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The High School Learning Experience: The Power and Possibility of Progressive Education
An after-school workshop including dinner


This conference will be the first Progressive Education Network New York (PENNY) gathering of high school educators and leaders. The event aims to create a space for dialog around curriculum, pedagogy and purpose in the context of  the larger systemic issues that face high schools, particularly those that are committed to progressive practices. Teachers, administrators, students and other high school educators are welcome to participate. The conference offers an opportunity to share expertise, as well as to bring your questions and learn from others. To that end, please be thinking about conversations you might want to have with fellow high school educators during the unconference session.
5:00-5:25 – registration, snacks, unconference sign-up
5:30-6:20 – workshops led by teachers from PENNY member schools
6:25-7:15 – unconference workshops
7:15-8:15 – dinner and networking




Wednesday, May 8, 2019
5:00 – 8:15 PM
16 Clarkson Street
New York, NY 10014


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Sponsored by the Progressive Education Network New York.
PENNY, Progressive Education Network New York, connects public, independent, charter, and teacher education schools and individuals of the greater metropolitan area to advance progressive pedagogy and promote equity, access, and social justice.  Through collaboration, advocacy and action, our driving purpose is to strengthen and broaden the impact of progressive education in the face of increasing challenges to full access to quality inclusive schooling.